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Great news, everyone is approved! We offer three types of credit cards; secured credit cards, virtual credit cards and prepaid credit cards. Virtual credit cards are delivered instantly via email and are ready for online purchases. Pre-paid credit cards are re-loadable and are sent to you within 2-7 business days. Our new secured credit cards are sent within 5 business days of completing the application.

Fill out our quick credit card application form today.

Select the credit card that’s right for you then complete our quick 1 minute application. Once you’re all done applying for your credit card go ahead and try our instant online payday loans.

“I used the virtual credit card service to book a surprise getaway for my wife on our 7 year wedding anniversary. If I purchased the trip using our regular credit card she would have noticed the large purchase and the surprise would’ve been ruined. Thanks for providing this service. Much appreciated”

Jesse Prat | Toronto, ON

Virtual Credit Card

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