Payday Advance Lender | News Flash

Payday Advance Lender | News Flash

There has been recent complaints about people getting scammed online from a payday advance lender in the United States. According to ABC news, a man looking to get a payday loan online was manipulated and robbed. The alleged details are that he was instructed to use Green Dot MoneyPak to send approximately $200 to the lender as a security for a payday loan. He sent the money and then they responded to him by saying that his identification had been flagged and that sending the loan could no longer be possible unless he paid a total of $695. When he asked for his security deposit to be returned they refused to refund him the money.

If you are asked to send money to anyone to receive a loan contact the Federal Trade or immediately. A payday advance lender should never take money from clients prior to funding loans. This is suspicious behavior and you should avoid providing them with your personal details. Before getting a payday loan  you should always:

1. Check to make sure the website is secure. Look at the address bar in your browser and check to make sure the website starts with “https:”. The ‘s’ at the end stands for ‘secure’.

2. Make sure that the lender has a visible privacy policy and disclaimer. It’s not enough to locate these pages; you should read them to make sure they are in line with your expectations.

3. Locate the contact information for the business.

These 3 simple steps can help you find the right payday advance lender for you.

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