Loan Budget Tool

Payday loans and personal budget plans go hand in hand. You should never take out any type of loan without carefully budgeting out every dollar. However, building a personal budget is something you have to want to do. If you’re not 100% committed to sticking to it, you won’t experience its true benefits. That being said, creating, maintaining and strictly following a budget plan can seem like trying cross the Atlantic ocean; especially if you already have serious spending issues.
As a possible recovering shopaholic, you may not be familiar with budgeting. Lucky for you the concept is extremely simple; spend less money than you earn. There are a couple things you can do to lesson the burden. First, you should always be realistic with yourself when setting up your budget. For example, If you buy your lunch everyday and it’s killing your pay check, don’t try to cut it out completely. Cut back on the amount of times you go out for lunch each week then slowly eliminate it all together; the same goes for most bad habits.
Secondly, choose some worthy short and long term goals. Whether it’s to buy a new car or to get out of debt, having a worthy goal set helps battle the temptation of overspending. If your budget is for the purpose of achieving something you truly want It will be a lot easier to stick to it. But remember to make your long-term goals realistic.
Lastly, download a budget application for your mobile device. Various apps exist that do a pretty good job of keeping you on track with your budget. You can add and remove expenses easily without having to manually re-calculate.  If you don’t have a smartphone feel free to download the Private Loan Shop budget template below.
Download Budgeting Tool: Budget Tool – Excel Spread Sheet

When incorporating a payday loan into your budget you’ll need to add the the initial loan amount and the total cost of the loan as an expense. Easy payday loans can end up putting you in debt if you don’t include them in your monthly budget plan.