Canada Personal Loan


To apply for this Personal Loan you must be living in the province of Alberta, Ontario, or British Columbia and be a minimum of 25 years of age. You must also have a minimum monthly income of $2,000 with No debt management or bankruptcy, please beware that ODSP or social assistance (EI, etc.) is not accepted as income for this loan. We also recommend you have a credit score of 550 and up, you can check your credit score online at


Applying online is so easy! Just fill out the application form using the button above and you can have the money deposited into your bank account the same day. When applying online we perform a digital ID verification securely through TransUnion so your information is not given out to anyone else.


You can borrow amounts from $2,000 to $10,000 Canadian dollars, which is much higher than what Payday loans offer. The loan terms vary from 12 months to 60 months, you can choose to have a short or long term payment plan.  The interest rates are also much lower than Pay Day loans, with the annual percentage rate at 40%, you can choose when you want to make repayments with either a weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment.